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Oil/ Gas/ Pipeline Projects

10. Water Pipeline Menidi - Helidonou (DN1700) 

The contract is part of the water transfer works from the water reservoir of Mornos to the Water Treatment Plants of EYDAP. Object of the contract is the construction of a 1700 mm diameter pipe with a flow capacity of 6,3 m 3/sec, that will connect the water reservoir of Mornos, upflow of the Menidi Water Treatment Plant, with the EYDAP installation of helidonou. Transfer of water is done by gravity, while the possibility of reverse transfer form Chelidonou to Menidi also exists.

 The pipe has a total length of 6.750m and was made of helical welded steel St37.2, 14.2mm thick according to DIN 17100.

The project was constructed by “CHR. D. CONSTANTINIDIS S.A.” CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. The contract was signed on 17.5.99 and the project was completed on 31.1.2002. The total cost of the pipes was supplied by EYDAP, as part of its ongoing contracts with Greek pipe manufacturers. 


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