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Building Construction


1. Infrastructure Facilities at the Technical Base of the Olympic Airways Homebase at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Athens Airport

The project comprises the construction of all the necessary works for the utilities’ installations of the Homebase of Olympic Airways at the new Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos” and includes the construction of five (5) buildings, the total amount of the above building service networks of the project, as well as the service networks of the three (3) main buildings of the Technical Base (Aircrafts Maintenance and Repair Installation, New Building installations for Olympic Aviation and Ground Stores Maintenance Installations) and the internal Technical base road network and parking areas.

- Communication Building
- Energy Building
- Installations of tanks and fire-fighting and water supply pumping stations
- Dangerous Materials Building
- Industrial waste treatment installations building


2. Athletic Installations and Fire Fighting Station at the Olympic Village of the 2004 Athens Games

The project includes:

- Two story fire fighting station of total area of 1670 m2 including parking area for 6 trucks, personnel residential areas and offices (including all the electromechanical installations of the building).
- Two steel framed buildings for athletic activities of 1500 m2 each with their electromechanical installations.
- An open air swimming pool of Olympic dimensions of 1.050 m2
- A football court with a 400m race-course
- Four tennis courts
- For the completion of the installations of the project, the company has executed
the following:
- Additional drilling for the football irrigation
- Construction of a B1 type tank with a building superstructure 5X5 m
- The construction of the electromechanical installations and the power station for the swimming pool
- The construction of additional infrastructure networks (electric power, sewage,
irrigation, natural gas)


3. Construction of Office Building Complex at Ziridi St, Marousi, Athens

In Marousi, Athens “C. D. Constantinidis S.A.” has constructed a three storey office building complex of 10.000m2 total surface at a 7.000m2 land surface.
The building is owned and maintained by the Company and has undergone full renovations in 2003, 2005 and 2009.

The buildings installations, all manufactured and installed after 2003, include:

- HVAC system
- Electrical supply for 350 working places
- Security system (CCTV, alarm, etc.)
- Fire exits, central fire detection system and thermal detectors in every room
- Access for the disabled
- Other utilities ( lifts, wc, kitchenettes, etc.)