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Environmental Projects


1. Waste water and Septic Waste Treatment Plant of Major Athens, Metamorfosi

The Sewage Treatment Plant of Major Athens at Metamorphosis has been designed and constructed for the reception and full treatment of the septic waste of the Greater Athens Area, as well as the Sewage Treatment of the Northern Suburbs of Athens.

The receiving waters of treated effluent is Pyrna River

The plant, which serves 700.000 equivalent population, has a treatment capacity of 24.000m3 septic liquors per day and 20.000m3 sewage per day.

The main process units of the plant are the following:
- Septic reception unit for the simultaneous reception (emptying) of 30 tankers.
- Preliminary treatment of sewage and septic sewage (screening, degritting, grease removal, septic flocculation)
- Two septic sewage Primary Clarification Tanks (15m diameter each).
- Two Sewage Primary Clarification Tanks (50m x 10m each).
- One aeration basin (21.000m3 volume, with 14 surface aerators of 700 KW ).
- Two Final Sedimentation Tanks (44m diameter each).
- Chlorination unit.
- Two Anaerobic Digesters (7.900m3 volume each).
- One Second – stage Digester (3.500m3 volume).
- Sludge Dewatering plant (four belt-filter presses of 3m width).

- Digester sludge mixing and heating system by use of biogas.
- Electrical power sub-station and distribution system for a total installed power of 2400 KVA and an 830 KVA emergency power generator.
- Automation and Control System.

After successful completion of construction, the plant has been operated and maintained by the “CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHRISTOPHER D. CONSTANTINIDIS S.A.” .