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Environmental Projects


2. Waste Treatment Plant and Water Supply of the city of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon River

The Drinking Water Plant of Thessaloniki was constructed to treat the water from Aliakmon River and supply water to the urban group of Thessaloniki. The plant is located 11 km west of Thessaloniki, near the National road of Thessaloniki-Edessa.

The Plant has a treatment capacity of 150.000 m3/day at present phase, while it will be able to process 600.000 m3/day at complete development. The treatment achieves clarification of water and removal of asbestos, pesticides and organic load.

The untreated water characteristics, according to the construction contract, are: turbidity (5-20 NTU), asbestos (total 70 MFL and fibers >10μm 40 MFL), biocides (total 10 μg / L and each one separately 5μg /L). However, according to recent systematic examination of Aliakmon water (2001-2002), the characteristics of the water have been altered. These changes are within the quality limits of EC guidelines of surface water quality for treatment and production of potable water.

The dams constructed along Aliakmon River for irrigation and hydroelectric energy production, ensure a high degree of flow regulation of the river. The water is diverted to an existing open channel, connecting Aliakmon with Axios River. At the end of the channel, the water is siphoned under the river and travels to Sindos Pumping Station with an 8km pipe. From there, it is pumped to the plant (Tank D2) by a 5 kilometres discharge pipe.

The Plant inflow is taken from Tank D2 by a DN 1700 steel pipe, with a regulating valve and a flowmeter for flow regulation to the plant. The water undergoes pre-treatment (Pre-ozonation, pH adjustment, rapid mixing), advanced removal of suspended solids and diluted organics (Coagulation–Clarification, Filtration, Ozonation, Adsorption on Activated Carbon) and Final Disinfection (Chlorination) and pH adjustment, before given to consumption.

After the trial operation of the plant was performed, normal operation started and the water produced was supplied to Thessaloniki’s city for consumption.
After completion of construction and up today, the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the plant has been carried out by the “CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHRISTOPHER D. CONSTANTINIDIS S.A.”, under its full responsibility and by its own personnel.