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Environmental Projects


5. Wastewater Treatment Plant of Major Thessaloniki (Stage I)

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of Major Thessaloniki (Stage I) at Sindos, with a hydraulic capacity of 250.000 m3 /d.

It involves Preliminary treatment (Inlet pumping station with Archimedean screws , screening , aerated, degritting–degreasing and Venturi flow measurement), Secondary treatment (Primary Clarification, Aeration, Final Sedimentation and Sludge Recirculation), Sludge Treatment (Gravity Thickeners, Anaerobic Digesters, Gas-holders, Sludge Dewatering) and Outlet works (ClO2 disinfection and pumping station).


6. Thermal Drying Plant of Sludge (from the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki)

The Thermal Drying Plant of Sludge produced in the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki consists of two parallel drying lines with an evaporation capacity of 5.000 kg / hour maximum per line, with provision for a future 3rd line.

The Works include the following:

- Inlet works connecting the Drying Plant to the existing Sludge Dewatering Plant.
- Reception of the dewatered Sludge from other WWTP.
- Two (2) complete drying lines of a nominal evaporation capacity of 4 tons of water/ hour and maximum capacity of 5 tons/ hour per line.
- Treatment of exhaust gases with Regenerated Thermal Oxidation (RTO).
- System of storage and bagging of dried Sludge.
- Electrical Installation and central supervision and control system of the Drying Plant (SCADA).

Each drying line consists of the following:

- Storage hopper and dosins of the Dewatered Sludge.
- Mixer of the dewatered and recycled dried Sludge.
- Heat production by natural gas and/or biogas with a provision for future installation of heat exchanger for the recuperation of heat deriving from the co-generation plant.
- The main drying equipment which is a rotary drum.
- Recycling of vapors/gases.
- Systems for the recycling of dried Sludge.
- System of size selection and cooling of dried Sludge.
- Systems for the treatment of the gas/vapors (condensation, venture, scrubber, demisters)

The drying equipment is installed in a building equipped with lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning of the personnel areas, fire-fighting systems, alarm, lightning protection etc.
There are also metallic structures, including catwalks, access ladders to all the plants and equipment of the drying Plant.

The Project additionally includes the necessary installations for the operation and maintenance of the Plant:
- Connection of the natural gas network to the measuring station and flow, pressure control.
- Feeding of biogas from the existing anaerobic digester of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
- Supply of treated wastewater to the condensers.
- Cooling of the water for the final product.
- Connection to the existing network of power supply, water supply, industrial water supply, rainfall network, drainage network, etc.
- Road construction, pavements, external lighting, lightning protection and other infrastructure.