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Environmental Projects


1. Sanitary Landfill of Fili, Attica (Stage I)

The Sanitary Landfill of Fili, Attica has been designed and constructed to serve the needs of Solid Wastes’ Disposal of the Municipalities of Attica.
The Sanitary Landfill (Stage I) takes over a 368.000m² area with a capacity of 14.535.000 m³ waste disposal and a life span of 12 years while the total Sanitary Landfill (Stages I & II) take over a 678.000m² area with a total capacity of 28.070.000 m³ waste disposal and a life span of 23,5 years.

The Project also includes the Leachate Treatment Plant with Reverse Osmosis Unit, consisting of the following units:

- Balancing Aeration Tank made of reinforced concrete, of 2.100m³ total volume separated in three compartments with pumping units, vertical aerators, level detectors/ transmitters, etc.
- Two Sedimentation Tanks (lamella type) made of stainless steel for the removal of suspended solids dimensions, one of which is reserve. Each Sedimentation Tank includes a sludge pumping station to the Sludge Storage Tank.
- A complete Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant with a capacity of 200m³/ day. The - Reverse Osmosis System includes a Clarification Tank made of stainless steel, sludge removal pumps, level detectors/ transmitters, acid storage tanks and all relevant equipment and facilities necessary for its operation.
- A Brine Tank made of stainless steel for the temporary disposal of brine, equipped with brine level detector and safety devices for the automatic stoppage of the Reverse Osmosis operation.
- A Pumping Station made of stainless steel, complete with level detectors, for the drainage of the Reverse Osmosis Unit when necessary.

The Landfill floor consists of the following layers:

- Artificial geological barrier (1m clay)
- Geomembrane, 2mm HDPE
- Geotextile
- Sand layer
- Drainage layer with gravel

The Sanitary Landfill of Fili, Attica, according to the environmental laws and regulations, receives non hazardous domestic solid waste, non active solid wastes and sludge from water treatment plants that match the criteria of sanitary landfills.


2. Sewage Treatment Plant of Egion city

The Egion city Sewage Treatment Plant has been constructed for the treatment of sewage from the city of Egion (50.000 population equivalent).
It includes preliminary sewage treatment (mechanical screening, flow measurement, degritting, grease removal), two biological reactors for the removal of organic carbon and nitrogen of 4.000 m3 each, equipped with four aerators of 55kw, two final sentimentation tanks, disinfection system including 2 hypochlorite dosing units and a contact tank of 210 m3 volume, a sludge thickener (9m diameter) and a sludge dewatering system.


3.Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant at the U.S Naval Station, Nea Makri, Attiki

The Desalination Plant for the production of Potable Water by Reverse Osmosis for the U.S. Naval Base at Nea Makri with a capacity of 230 m3 /d.