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Roads & Dam Projects


Construction of the Heraklion By—Pass Road (KTEO—Gouves)


- Ten Underpasses
- Retention Walls
- Drainage Works
- Technical Works
- Traffic & Road signs




Construction of Water Reservoir at Sedounta, in Lesvos island


The Reservoir of 280.000m³capacity has been constructed to serve the water supply of the Plomari municipality and the irrigation of the agricultural areas.

Dam construction with excavation products and quarry run material.
Extended and specialized use of geomembranes, geogrid and geotextiles for soil
improvement applications.



Twin Flyover Crossing at Kifissos and Petrou Ralli Junction, Athens

- Twin Flyover Crossing in Athens road junction made of two prefabricated steel bridge sections including on and off ramps, one for each traffic direction.
- Steelwork constructions of 1.300tn and foundation by concrete piles of 1,2om diameter at a depth of 17m and total piling length of 820m.


Flood– Control Works at Sesi, Grammatiko in Attica

Flood –Control Works at a rural area of approximately 40km2.
The Works include:
- Earthmoving and approaching roads works.
- Construction of check dams made of gabbions with total quantity of 4.000m3 rocky material, in order to prevent the slopes’ erosion and trap and eliminate the coarse and medium grained sediment runoff and floating garbage,
- River and streambed cleanup from garbage material in order to facilitate an obstacle-free flow